Nader Taheri

University Lecturer

Organizational Development Consultant

Nader Taheri

University Lecturer

Organizational Development Consultant

Welcome to my website.

I am an Iranian of Shirazi origin who was born and lives in Tehran.
I have been active in the field of management since 2005 and in 2016 I graduated from New York International University in the field of management, majoring in "Leadership and Management Development". I am currently working in the consulting industry and I get energy from the limited time I teach at the university. With more than 20 years of experience working with various manufacturing, industrial and commercial companies, as well as being present in scientific and knowledge-producing environments, I have achieved a full understanding of business development. Therefore, I believe that the challenging competition between businesses will become harder and harder every day, and fortunately, this new and distinctive opportunity opens the way for development in the shadow of "data mining" and "business intelligence". This is a significant gap between today's startups and yesterday's businesses.

  • Birthday :                      9 May 1978
  • Language :                   Persian - English
  • Behavioral Strengths: Transparency, Responsibility, Effectiveness

My Skills

Risk Management 60%
Communication Management 70%
planning 90%
Effective Presence 90%
Negotiation 70%
Self-awareness 90%
Coaching And Mentoring 90%
Resilience 60%
Convince 80%
Problem Solving And Decision Making 80%
Creative And Critical Thinking 70%
Emotion & Excitement Control 80%
Being Friendly 70%
Rhetorical 80%

My Specialties

Business Development

Is business development achieved simply by expanding and enlarging it?  What are the prerequisites for development management in today's competitive world?


Why is the French equivalent of the word entrepreneurship interpreted as value creation and commitment?  How to become an entrepreneur without leaving your current job?


How to create a positive initial impression in the other person's mind? How much of a positive impact on the audience is at our disposal and to what extent will it affect our success?

Brand Management

In today's world of talent, how can we be seen? Is advertising a guarantee for branding? What are the steps in building and managing a prominent and lasting brand?

Finally, I am ready to create opportunities and create methods for agile and flexible companies and startups for the realization of First World Iran, and I welcome the purposeful and value-creating synergy.

Educational & Background

2013 - 2016
PhD in Management
New York

Leadership and Management Development, New York International University - GPA 18/18

2011 - 2013
Master of Management
New York

Entrepreneurship, New York International University - GPA 17

1996 - 2000
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Heat and Fluids, Tehran Technical University - GPA 14.5

Career Background

October 2016 until now
Shiraz University of Applied Sciences & Zand Non-Profit University / Lecturer in Management

Courses such as Entrepreneurship - Leadership Theories - Integrated Risk Management - Marketing and Sales Management - Problem Solving and Decision Making - Business Skills and Rules - Human Resources - Business Etiquette - Principles and Techniques of Negotiation

July 2016 until now
Nami Company (Online Marketing) &Padovar Company (Protection and Security) & University Entrepreneurship Complex & Cultural and Artistic Institute / Business Development Consultant

In all four companies to achieve organizational development, organizational structure reform and human resource development was done.

May 2016 to March 2017
Mazandaran University of Applied Sciences & University of Culture and Arts / Lecturer and Head of Management Department

Courses such as Entrepreneurship - Business Law - Principles of Supervision - Strategic Management

July 2014 to March 2017
Setareh Production Group & La Lorraine Bakery Group (Belgium) & Wood Industries of Mazandaran Province / Executive Director - Design and Development Consultant

Brand management to develop these businesses in target areas. Strategic planning was also done for the development of La Lorraine Production Company in Iran.

February 2005 to June 2014
Konar Kish Company / Executive Director

Mass production of home furnitures and kitchen cabinets. The largest production line of sheet wood industries in the Middle East. Huge and famous projects such as: Project of ten thousand units of Parand New City - Tehran International Tower Project (A.S.P) in 56 floors and 572 units - Modern and special projects of Mika Tower and Diplomat Towers on Kish Island.

September 2005 to December 2007
Kish Wood Industries Company / Design and Engineering of Mass Production Line

Product design and engineering, for mass production in a continuous production line based on the characteristics of machines in 2005 (HOMAG Group) Germany

March 1999 to August 2005
Cara Company - Tehran Nou Avar / Manager of Technical and Engineering Unit

Production and supply of office furniture, home furniture and laboratory platforms at the highest level.


Neshat Elderly Foundation
Idea creator and project manager in 2009

Creating a special concept for the care of the elderly in the short term and with the support system of the elderly family. This plan intends to break the taboo in order to get rid of the negative feedback of nursing homes. The project will have the ability to develop and use modern technologies to achieve the necessary economic justification.

Creating Business Development Opportunities – La Lorraine, Belgium
Director of Design and Development in Iran in 2016

Exceptional and successful presence in Iran Flour and Bread Exhibition IBEX-2015

Introduction of semi-finished frozen bread and sweets and obtaining the relevant licenses - Product of La Lorraine Belgium
Director of Design and Development in Iran in 2015

With more than 65 years of experience in the bread industry, Lloren Belgium now has production factories in five European countries. LaLorraine is the largest bread producer in Europe, offering more than 250 models of bread and sweet bread.

Book Cafe
Business model designer and founder in 2013

A popular, attractive and localized version of the most popular and famous book café in the world with a special combination of all cultural events and its products in the delightful atmosphere of the coffee shop. This project is equipped with all the capabilities in the web platform and various virtual trainings and has all the features of High Tech in the fields of culture-education-entertainment.


  • Honorary Speaker at the Annual Conference of Fars Diabetes Association - Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Conference Hall 2009

  • Receiving the badge of honor and the plaque of the worthy manager of the year at the Summit of Lasting Faces of Management and Entrepreneurship -  Isfahan University of Technology 2017

  • Speaker of the Third National Conference on Applied Economics and Management - ICAEM 2016 Conference Secretary Dr. Hassan Ali Aghajani 2016

  •  Member of the jury and scientific committee of the National Conference on Applied Economics - Conference Secretary Dr. Carmen Bizari 2015

  •  Winner of the commendation plaque for the best booth design at the ibex2015 exhibition in the flour and bread industry - On behalf of LaLorraine Belgium  2015

  • Received the Golden Eagle International Prestige and Management Performance Award for Konarkish - Madrid, Spain 2010

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